Real Estate Foot Printing


Real Estate Foot Printing


Real Estate Foot Printing aka “Boots on the Ground” is a built-in team for your lead conversion from start to finish.

You want leads but not sure if you have enough time to engage with them all?

Introducing Real Estate Foot Printing by VacantDC. Here your selected lead type and area become our primary focus for 30 days. You choose your area and our dedicated team will assist you in getting the job done.

Some restrictions apply.

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Checkout Instructions:

Step 1 : Check out your selected lead package and the Real Estate Footprinting items.

(Note: Cost is per 100 leads. Additional leads can be discussed)

Step 2 : We’ll set up a time to have a quick meeting (in-person, over the phone, or video chat based on availability), here we’ll iron out the details on area and preference.

Step 3 : You do whatever you want. Read a book, take a nap (you know you want to), or plan out your next area you want to focus on.

Step 4 : Our team gets started fine tuning your leads and use all our resources to get you results. (You can still nap)

Step 5 : We contact you as soon as we get responses and we will give you our detailed results and keep you up to date during the progress.